Parent taster events

Waltham Forest Catering takes pride in including families in the dining experience. 

Working in partnership with our schools we warmly invite parents and carers to taste food from the School Lunch Menu, devised in association with government guidelines, helped by the children, and approved by nutritionists and dietitians. 

Speak to your Catering Area Manager on how we can facilitate a get-together.

'Thank you for doing a good testing for parents but also extra thanks for the food being Halal. Really really appreciate that a lot.

The pros: food was quite tasty overall. We loved both types of rice, accompanied with the delicious veg curry which seemed like the healthiest option, thoroughly enjoyed the eggy Cheese pastry thing was so delicious and my favourite. The noodles were also very wholesome. Loved the cake as it didn't seem overly sugary but just enough... my daughter always tells me she like her school food and I can see why.  Ambreen Bhatti Parent